Emergency Call 8AM to 8PM:
040 - 19 2 46

Benefits for privately insured and self-pay patients

A solution for every need.

The outstanding medical competence of our private physicians is a hallmark of ABD MED CARE. An exclusive and discreet service, detailed medical advice and treatment, even for children, is our trademark. We ensure that you receive a highly professional and personal treatment and a broad variety of general medical and dental services.

ABD MED CARE has a large network of specialists and special clinics in and around Hamburg. If necessary, we can coordinate further assistance for you immediately without long waiting times. With ABD MED CARE, you always have a trustworthy contact partner who knows about your medical needs and coordinates all measures in your best interest.

We offer you:

  •     Medical help and advice without time pressure 
  •     High medical competence from many years of experience 
  •     Excellent network of physicians and without usual waiting times 
  •     Treatment of children in cooperation with the Children’s Emergency Service Ralf Döscher 
  •     Infusions and injections 
  •     Supply of prescriptions and medicines as needed 
  •     Travel and vaccination advice 
  •     Private medical escort 
  •     On-call service for companies, at events, shows, concerts, etc. 
  •     Neutral appearance according to your wishes and requirements 
  •     Discreet treatment on your premises by our private physicians 
  •     Issue of medical certificates, work or travel disability certificates

Emergency services:

  • 08:00 – 20:00 on-call service for privately insured and self-pay patients
  • 24-hour on-site support upon request 
  • General and dental treatment for all age groups 
  • Coordination of public rescue services
  • Accompaniment during patient transport in an ambulance or to outpatient specialists

Services for home visits:

  •   General medical treatment 
  •   Pain and palliative treatment 
  •   Preventive and aftercare examinations 
  •   Coordination with specialists and clinics in Hamburg 
  •   Psycho-social assistance


Fees in case of acute medical need

Medical services are invoiced in accordance with the German Scale of Charges for Doctors and Dentists (GÖA, or GOZ). Privately insured patients can claim their bills for treatment from their health insurance.

Statutory insured persons can make use of our services as self-payers. We expressly point out that the costs are generally not reimbursed by the statutory health insurance funds.

For our artist and event support as well as our stand-by service, flat rates apply which are to be agreed upon in advance on an individual basis. We would gladly provide you with a non-binding offer on request.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.