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About ABD MED CARE – The private doctor for everyone

Dr. Jan Arndt and his team – there for you throughout Hamburg and beyond

Respect, compassion and clarity – these are the guiding values that determine the actions of Dr. Jan Arndt. These are also the guiding principles of his practical work, in which he devotes a lot of time and commitment to his patients and their individual needs. In 2004, Dr. Arndt settled down as a private doctor and currently he runs his practice as a doctor and coach in the Hamburg district of Eppendorf. It is Dr. Arndt’s matter of personal concern to always provide a holistic treatment to every patient, no matter which type of health insurance they might have. 

ABD MED CARE: Your private medical emergency service for all cases

It was in this light that he created ABD MED CARE in 2008. Today, Dr. Jan Arndt and his team treat around 2,500 patients every year. Renowned Hamburg hotels, senior citizen residences, airlines as well as local companies and enterprises utilize ABD MED CARE’s services on a regular basis. In addition to his daily work at ABD MED CARE, Dr. Arndt is a member of AGNN – the Association of Emergency Physicians Working in Northern Germany.

Whenever possible, Dr. Arndt also travels the roads outside Hamburg, whether serving as a medical consultant in the rain forest of Sumatra or in the steppe of Togo or as an accompanying doctor at shows and events of international music and film artists.

Even the smallest patients are in very good hands with ABD MED CARE: Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with Dr. Ralf Döscher’s children’s emergency service, infants and all patients at a young age are able to receive fast and direct medical help and professional care in their familiar surroundings. 

The private medical home visit and emergency service for Hamburg

With our service, we as ABD MED CARE have made it our main task to actively contribute to the improvement of the private and emergency medical care system in Hamburg. Naturally, our team of doctors has many years of in-depth experience in dealing with patients of all ages and cultural backgrounds. 

Our mission is to offer a medically professional and personal treatment and support that is oriented towards people, for all patients and for every need.

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Managing Director: Dr. med. Jan Arndt
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